Big Bang 4.0 release

This is it. The start, a beginning of time... the Gravwell universe is expanding.



Gravwell version 4.0 - Big Bang

This release earned the name "Big Bang" due to the supermassive featureset that starts the future of Gravwell.  We love turning wildly desperate data into a wealth of actionable knowledge, and this new version is packed with powerful features to make your life even easier and more productive.


Major features included in Gravwell Big Bang:

  • Kits:  Pre-packaged use case bundles made of searches, dashboards, resources, and more - giving you fast and pertinent real-time visibility into your data.
  • Query Library:  Enables users to save commonly used queries and share with other members of their group. You can also filter based on labels or search using basic text search.
  • Playbooks:  Share knowledge through step-by-step instructions, documentation, and pre-configured queries.
  • SOAR Scripts:  Not a new feature, but we have expanded the debugging capability and enhanced the UX developing and managing SOAR scripts.
  • Actionables:  Set triggers that make matching text "clickable" when it shows up in the text-based renderers of Gravwell - allowing you to click an IP address for further investigation, open an AWS security group in the AWS console, and more.
  • Macros:  Now available for use within search queries, enabling you to shrink up common activity into a single macro (i.e., if looking at DNS entries and frequently removing Microsoft domains from results, you can create a macro to speed things up).
  • Templates:  Search templates are similar to the query library but include the ability to define a variable which will be filled in at search time. These are great for conducting investigations or as part of a playbook.


Experience Big Bang 4.0

We're excited to share the capabilities that Gravwell Big Bang brings, and we know it can help you in your quest to gain unlimited data ingestion and actionable insights.  Learn more about the Big Bang release in this blog post, through the video below (featuring co-founder Corey Thuen), or by getting in touch with one of our Gravwell guides so they can give you a walk-through of the awesome features in this explosive, ever-expanding release.

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