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You don't have to wait for the end of your Splunk license. Start with Gravwell today!

Is Splunk’s pricing and capabilities limiting your organization’s security operations?  You don’t have to wait for the end of your Splunk license. Start with Gravwell today and receive a license for the remainder of your contract, so you are not paying for both services simultaneously.

What is the Replacement Program?

The Replacement Program is an initiative by Gravwell to provide organizations with a no cost, immediate replacement of Splunk before your Splunk licensing ends.  

Under the program, your organization receives a license to use Gravwell at no additional cost during the remaining license period for Splunk.  

The program helps you immediately improve security operations by removing the artificial limits created by ingest pricing and providing you access to the advanced capabilities of Gravwell.  

The Fine Print

Organizations with an active and current Splunk license that expires within 12-months can receive a no cost license to use Gravwell during the organization’s remaining Splunk license period (the “Free Replacement Period”).
To qualify for the program, your organization must sign a non-cancellable Gravwell contract that includes the Free Replacement Period AND a minimum 12-month paid period (the “Paid Period”) for the Gravwell software.  
The Paid Period begins on the day immediately following the completion of the Free Replacement Period (the “Paid Start Date”). 
There is no cost during the Free Replacement Period.  Your organization will receive an invoice for the Paid Period on the Paid Start Date with agreed upon payment terms.

How do I get started?

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Step 1

Engage your Gravwell account executive to begin the process.
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Step 2

Identify what you plan to migrate and specify the Gravwell nodes required.
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Step 3

Sign a contract with Gravwell that includes the Free Period and Paid Period. 
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Step 4

Receive licenses and services package to kick-start your migration.
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Step 5

Deploy Gravwell and immediately improve your security operations!

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