Data Agnostic, Structure-on-Read

Welcome, podcast listeners!

If you first heard of Gravwell through the Snake Oilers edition of Patrick Gray's Risky Business podcast, WELCOME! 

Gravwell was purpose-built to enable unlimited ingestion, retention, and analysis of widely disparate data types. Our full-stack platform natively ingests unstructured data, empowering full context root cause analysis. Read on to learn more about our platform, or start a Free Trial today.



Unlimited Ingestion

Overwhelming amounts of data are being generated every minute, and legacy analytics systems are cumbersome to implement and costly to scale. That's why we offer unlimited ingestion per node in every tier of Gravwell.


Ingest fully unstructured, temporally ordered binary, text, video, pcaps, sysmon, images, and more. Gravwell spins up in minutes, not months, so your security and operations teams quickly gain access to a holistic and unified view of your data.

See Gravwell in Action


Here are a few of the powerful features & benefits of the Gravwell data fusion platform:

  • Unlimited ingestion and retention of unstructured data
  • Predictable pricing (unlimited ingestion per node in every tier)
  • Natively ingest binary, pcaps, netflow, sysmon, time series data, video, images
  • Every tool in one box - Eliminate the swivel chair workflow
  • Up & running in 15 minutes
  • Fuse & analyze disparate data types - It's like sculpting with your data!