Use Cases

It’s what you can do with Gravwell that really matters. Check out a few of our customer use cases to discover how other organizations are benefiting from a different kind of data fusion platform.

How Customers Use Gravwell

We founded Gravwell to help security teams make a real impact. Here are a few ways our customers are using the platform to take their mission to new heights.

Splunk Case Study

We frequently have discussions with prospective customers about the differences between Gravwell and Splunk. A common theme of those questions is "How easy is it for a Splunk expert to get spun up and fully integrated using Gravwell?" In this case...
Case Study
January 14, 2022

Amp Up Your Data Analysis with the Zeek Kit from Gravwell

Firing up #Zeek in a network generates a lot of data, which can be challenging to dig through manually. Our Zeek kit gives you visibility from 10k feet to a granular view with just a click for #ThreatHunting, #Cybersecurity, #IT troubleshooting, and...
January 14, 2022

Drink from the Data Firehose with Gravwell

Gravwell CEO Corey Thuen takes a lighthearted approach to highlighting some of the benefits of our full-stack data #analytics & aggregation platform. Overwhelming amounts of data are being generated every minute, and legacy analytics systems are...
January 14, 2022

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What Our Customers Say

- Ron Gula | President, Gula Tech Adventures

The Gravwell team continues to innovate and make data analysis easy, fast and affordable.

- Don Pezet | Co-founder, ITProTV

If you want to stand up an ELK stack, it takes forever and it takes a lot of different components, but with Gravwell... you can have it up and running in a matter of minutes and be ingesting data before you know it. It's just a really awesome product all in all.

- Keith King | Infrastructure Security Architect, NSF International

After using other data solutions, our engineers became so disillusioned with email support they just gave up on it. But I convinced them to give Gravwell a try, and they've been bowled over at the responsiveness and willingness to help.

- Dustin Finn | Gravwell CE User

The Gravwell Community Edition continues to be an excellent resource in my own monitoring of data and activity, and as the product grows I've been thankful that the enhancements and upgrades make it to the community.

- Ron Gula | President, Gula Tech Adventures

SolarWinds demonstrated the need for much more thorough collection of and analysis of logs and network traffic. Gravwell is ideally suited for security teams and responders to prepare for the next breach.

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