Use Case: Incident Response

Instant Incident Insight Across All Data

Gravwell ensures rapid data retrieval during incident responses. Its full-text search capabilities, enhanced by Macros and Actionables, accelerate the investigation process, transforming high-stress situations into manageable tasks.

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Gravwell SIEM - Your Advanced Network Security Ally

Real-time Visibility

Gain a real-time view of your network activity, including logs, traffic, and security events.

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Forensics & Investigation

Conduct in-depth investigations and forensics to understand the root causes of security issues.

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Threat Detection

Detect anomalies, suspicious patterns, and potential security breaches as they happen.

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Build Playbooks Before the Incident

Gravwell's playbook feature prepares cybersecurity teams with standardized workflows and pre-built queries. This systematic approach to incident investigation ensures efficient, reliable threat responses.

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Find the Signal In the Noise

Gravwell's Math Module, combined with functions like lookup, stats, and eval, cuts through data noise to uncover potential threats. This intuitive process turns data chaos into actionable intelligence.

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