[from Risky.Biz] Gravwell Seeks to Shake Up the SIEM Market

Oct 22, 2020 4:12:00 AM / by External Article

Gravwell co-founder Corey Thuen chats with Risky Business host Patrick Gray for the "Snake Oilers" edition of the Risky.Biz podcast (Snake Oilers 12 part 2).  They cover some of the key differentiators that Gravwell brings to the SIEM market, including structure-on-read ingestion, and access to raw binary data.

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[from Security Weekly] Business Security Weekly Episode 188: The Power of Context and Collaboration in a Data Driven World

Sep 21, 2020 12:00:00 PM / by External Article

Business Security Weekly episode 188: Hosts Matt Alderman, Paul Asadoorian, and Jason Albuquerque speak with Gravwell co-founder Corey Thuen about harnessing the power of raw, unstructured data for security and operations.

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[from ITProTV] Techando Episode 169: Gravwell's Corey Thuen

Sep 17, 2020 10:00:00 AM / by External Article

Gravwell's co-founder, Corey Thuen, was interviewed on ITProTV Technado episode 169. Discussion topics included the Big Bang 4.0 release, data fusion platform use cases, and the many benefits of the quarantine beard.

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Cyber Security Practitioners Supercharge Threat Hunt with Gravwell, a Truly Data-Agnostic Platform

Sep 10, 2020 11:42:10 AM / by Gravwell

Gravwell's Big Bang release breaks the mold of legacy data ingestion solutions, which require data to be parsed or pre-arranged prior to ingestion. Gravwell is completely data-agnostic, meaning you can ingest ANY type of data in its native form.

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[from PRWeb] Soliton Systems Announces Launch of Soliton NK, an Ultra-Fast Data Analytics Platform

Nov 11, 2019 10:35:00 AM / by External Article

The entrance of Soliton Systems to the United States has piqued the interest of Ron Gula, Gula Tech Adventures, who notes, “in the race to secure and audit their systems, companies should not have to choose how much data they ingest so as to stay on budget. Soliton NK alleviates common concerns around the rising cost of data ingestion, and I am pleased that the company has begun working with Gravwell, a full-stack analytics platform built in the U.S., to drive low-cost, simple data management.”

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[from TECHSPOT] Russian trolls are still wreaking havoc on many Reddit communities

Feb 5, 2019 4:10:00 PM / by External Article

"Less than one percent of communities were responsible for 75 percent of antisocial behavior"

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[from engadget] Russian spam accounts are still a big problem for Reddit

Feb 4, 2019 9:48:00 AM / by External Article

At least 89 subs have been targeted by Russian propaganda.

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[from ars TECHNICA] Net neutrality is bad? 1 million PornHub employees can’t be wrong. Oh, wait

Jan 22, 2018 4:35:00 PM / by External Article

Millions of comments sent to FCC through bulk system used fake email addresses.

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[from daily dot] Bots are flooding the FCC’s website with anti-net neutrality comments

Oct 4, 2017 6:36:00 PM / by External Article

More than 80 percent were posted in bulk.

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[from BBC] Net neutrality debate 'controlled by bots'

Oct 4, 2017 4:54:00 PM / by External Article

More than 80% of the comments submitted to a US regulator on the future of net neutrality came from bots, according to researchers.

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