Use Case: Detection Engineering

Understand Your Threat Landscape

Gravwell offers a panoramic view of your security horizon, enabling actionable insights through the Query Studio. Effortlessly sift through statistics to identify anomalies and understand user behavior, detecting potential security threats and attacker TTPs. Gravwell  equips you to comprehend and address evolving threats truly.

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Gravwell SIEM - Your Advanced Network Security Ally

Real-time Visibility

Gain a real-time view of your network activity, including logs, traffic, and security events.

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Forensics & Investigation

Conduct in-depth investigations and forensics to understand the root causes of security issues.

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Threat Detection

Detect anomalies, suspicious patterns, and potential security breaches as they happen.

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Extract on Read

Gravwell's 'Extract on Read' feature allows you to tailor data dynamically without compromising its integrity. Transform complex queries effortlessly and adapt your security posture with precision, elevating your organization's defensive capabilities.

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Turn Searches into Detections

Gravwell's shared query language simplifies transforming threat hunting hypotheses into robust detections. Using an intuitive query language, free from the complexities of SQL, this feature enhances your security operations with efficient and actionable detections.

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