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We are working on cybersecurity observability because we are reluctant heroes fixing a problem that costs corporations excessive amounts of cash

Why does Gravwell Exist?

We are cybersecurity professionals and supercomputing researchers who had a lot of data to crunch, using inadequate tools, with abusive pricing models, and a dream that things can be better.
Gravwell customers gain data visibility for on-prem and multi-cloud environments Our proprietary data lake powers threat hunting with Advanced pipeline analytics and AI/ML to eliminate pain and create value:
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Fast Deployments

Equals Quick Wins Days Instead of Months Near-zero maintenance
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Predictable Pricing

Simple, No Barriers, No Surprises, Clear TCO
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Petabyte Scale

100TB+ per Day All Data Types


Hybrid Indexing overcomes previous barriers

Why Partner with Gravwell?

Existing solutions are  costly to scale and have limited inputs. 

When you work with Gravwell, your customer gets all of their data with no limits and no nonsense. Gravwell encourages your client’s data to grow as their objectives grow while delivering light-speed observability, empowering customers with the full picture.

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Margin Rich Recurring Revenue

Gravwell is via a simple annual licensing model that grows with your client’s needs.

High Customer Value

Clients appreciate our usage-based model & ease of use. No integrations are required to ingest a broad variety data sources.

Professional Services Opportunities

Every industry and customer has use cases and queries as unique as they are. While we do offer some out of the box kits, partners may realize high-value professional services revenue by guiding customers through an optimal Gravwell deployment.

Ready to Blastoff?

Industries and Sectors

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Financial Services

Gravwell helps financial institutions more effectively guard their sensitive data and ensure regulatory compliance


Gravwell helps the federal government sort through massive amounts of data to quickly identify and stop threats


Gravwell helps healthcare organizations protect critical patient data and respond rapidly to sophisticated threats


Gravwell helps secure our nation’s critical infrastructure, giving teams flexibility to get to the root of security threats


Gravwell helps technology-forward companies gain new insights while protecting their continuously evolving data
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Higher Ed

Gravwell helps educational institutions easily get meaning from their data so they can focus on student success

Common Gravwell Integrations


Experience it for yourself

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