Use Case: Security Alerts

Build Detections

Gravwell's architecture supports a robust detection management program, using an intuitive query language to transition from investigation to detection seamlessly

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Gravwell SIEM - Your Advanced Network Security Ally

Real-time Visibility

Gain a real-time view of your network activity, including logs, traffic, and security events.

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Forensics & Investigation

Conduct in-depth investigations and forensics to understand the root causes of security issues.

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Threat Detection

Detect anomalies, suspicious patterns, and potential security breaches as they happen.

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Send Data Where It’s Needed

Gravwell Alerts redefines alert management, consolidating and directing data to required destinations. The visual Flows facilitate dynamic alerting pipelines, catering to specific organizational needs

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Build Detection Metrics

Gravwell stores all alert data, providing a foundation for analysis and insight. This feature enables comprehensive reporting on detection metrics and SOC performance, supporting tactical responses and strategic improvements.

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