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Unrivaled expertise. Unlimited data. Ridiculously happy customers. We’re not your parent’s data analytics company. But don’t take our word for it. Find out why we’re different.



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Our Promise

Ready to experience the power of being unlimited? When you work with Gravwell, you get all of your data with no limits and no nonsense. Collect it all, host it all, inspect it all, manage it all. No hidden surprises, no more headaches. We’re not superheroes, we’re just a group of security professionals who want to help you show the world what you can do.
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What Our Customers Say

- Ron Gula | President, Gula Tech Adventures

If you don't have a hunt program, Gravwell is ideally built to gather all of your network and log data into one place and analyze it in a high performance fashion.

- Don Pezet | Co-founder, ITProTV

If you want to stand up an ELK stack, it takes forever and it takes a lot of different components, but with Gravwell... you can have it up and running in a matter of minutes and be ingesting data before you know it. It's just a really awesome product all in all.

- Dustin Finn | Gravwell CE User

The Gravwell Community Edition continues to be an excellent resource in my own monitoring of data and activity, and as the product grows I've been thankful that the enhancements and upgrades make it to the community.

The Benefits

Gravwell delivers a complete, timely, contextual view of the truth with the ability to enrich and explore, fueling better collaboration and better security operations. With Gravwell, you can:
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Gravwell encourages your data to grow as your objectives grow
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Gravwell delivers light-speed observability, empowering you with the full picture
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Gravwell is built on the idea that your data means your data
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Gravwell ingests everything. That means you can search petabytes of data in seconds, including search and fusion of binary data
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Deploy Gravwell instantly and configure in minutes, so you can get what you need done
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Gravwell enables organizations to realize untapped insight, acting as a platform force multiplier and network security hardener
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Gravwell’s Data Source Integration kits can be installed in minutes, acting as a game changer for organizations that want to monitor or secure their infrastructure

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