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All data. No conversion. Blazing performance.
Our clients process 100 terabytes a day without breaking a sweat.

Champion Team and Data Unity


Data fusion with unlimited data collection and retention for limitless collaboration.

Accelerate Powerful Decisions


Our light speed data collection and fusion analytics pipeline empower you with near real-time decision making. 

Unlimited Data to Power Every Business Unit

Cyber Security

Threat hunt across logs and network data together with unparalleled visibility.

IT Operations

Foster collaboration with unlimited data ingestion without upfront normalization costs.

OT Operations

Fuse IT logs, OT alerting, and raw network analysis to monitor your process assets.


Detect and drill down problems to their root cause.

Go from zero to zeek hero in minutes, not months.

Deploy our kits to install solutions that fit your needs in a few hours.

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Why Businesses Love Gravwell Worldwide

Our customers love us for the same reasons that pushed us to build Gravwell.

Rapid Deployment

Installing Gravwell and ingesting data only takes a few hours, if not less. With our ready-to-use kits, you can now deploy technical solutions in a matter of minutes.

Sustainability & Low TCO

The integrity of your raw data is maintained for transparency, portability and compliance. We don't charge for how much data you collect and keep.

World-class Support and Expertise

Our customers rave about our support and deep expertise in networking and cyber security.

Our Guiding Principles and Values

As security practitioners, we couldn't find a platform that allowed us to analyze a huge amount of disparate data on the fly without the daunting cost of storage-based pricing. So we built Gravwell with some core principles in mind. 

No Kilobyte-Based Pricing

You've already invested in software and hardware that generate and store a gazillion logs and data. You shouldn't pay again merely because you're storing them in our data lake.

Ingest First, Ask Questions Later

Most data analysis tools require you to make assumptions and normalize your data to fit them. This is not the right process, especially when preparing for unknown security threats. We built Gravwell to ingest all data first and ask questions later.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

From the day you install Gravwell to the time you use the interface, we promise to make it easy for you to use our platform without compromising the powerful capabilities that are needed to analyze all data and protect your infrastructure.

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