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Ingest all logs and raw data without being locked into a consumption-based pricing model. Gravwell is a Security Data Lake that enables teams to investigate, collaborate, and analyze data from any source, on-demand, all with unlimited data collection and retention.
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What you can do
with Gravwell

Scale along with your mission

Gravwell encourages your data to grow as your objectives grow, with massive scalability at a cost that doesn’t break your budget

See beyond the surface with real-time observability

Gravwell delivers light-speed observability, empowering you with the full picture so you don’t just see your data, but truly understand it

Find what you need, exactly when you need it

Gravwell ingests everything. That means you can search petabytes of data in seconds (including search and fusion of binary data) and get access to the information you need, when you need it — whether it happened ten seconds ago or ten years ago

Spend more time doing what matters

Deploy Gravwell instantly and configure in minutes, so you can get what you need done and still have time to stop and smell the flowers

Gravwell-orange-IconIt’s all too easy to get sucked into broken models that limit what you can do with your data. Gravwell makes fusing massive data fast, simple, and unlimited, so good security teams can be even better.
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CoreDNS dashboard custom configuration
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Gravwell is structure-on-read which means no integrations or extensive upfront work is needed to get your data centralized and available for search and analysis.
Instead, with Gravwell we present ready-to-install kits that deliver pre-built tools like queries and dashboards for common use cases. This empowers your team to customize as you go and start making an impact in a matter of minutes while retaining the ability to ask absolutely any question you need to. Discover what it feels like to monitor and secure your infrastructure faster than ever.
- Don Pezet | Co-founder, ITProTV

If you want to stand up an ELK stack, it takes forever and it takes a lot of different components, but with Gravwell... you can have it up and running in a matter of minutes and be ingesting data before you know it. It's just a really awesome product all in all.

- Ron Gula | President, Gula Tech Adventures

SolarWinds demonstrated the need for much more thorough collection of and analysis of logs and network traffic. Gravwell is ideally suited for security teams and responders to prepare for the next breach.

- Keith King | Infrastructure Security Architect, NSF International

After using other data solutions, our engineers became so disillusioned with email support they just gave up on it. But I convinced them to give Gravwell a try, and they've been bowled over at the responsiveness and willingness to help.

- Dustin Finn | Gravwell CE User

The Gravwell Community Edition continues to be an excellent resource in my own monitoring of data and activity, and as the product grows I've been thankful that the enhancements and upgrades make it to the community.

What’s New

What You Get

with Gravwell

With Gravwell, you get all of your data, with no limits, and no nonsense. Empower your analysts to dig, mold, sculpt, and interrogate their data — past and present — to collect, observe, analyze, and act in an instant. Take a deeper look at platform features.

Who We Are

Sure, we’re a team of experienced security practitioners, engineers, communicators, and more. But above all, we’re a group of people who understand that getting the most out of your data can feel like fighting against gravity. We joined forces because we knew there had to be a better way.

We’re Real Humans.

Gravwell was created by some of the top minds in the security and analytics space with decades of expertise, who joined forces to develop a product that could actually tackle the real-world challenges they experienced as practitioners.

We Partner with the Best.

We understand that “better” is a moving target. That’s why we continue to enhance our capabilities by partnering with innovative organizations who want to make a real difference. You in? Contact our team to learn more about partnership opportunities.

We’re Growing.

A mission is only as strong as the team behind it. We’re actively searching for like-minded people who want to work without limits and change the way we think about data.
Ready to make your security team even better? Gravwell is a whole new way to make sense of your data. Get your demo today to see how you can advance your mission without limits.