A data platform
with no limits.

Boost observability. Search, visualize, and analyze
all your raw data and ask any question you want.

We are not going to limit you. Ingest all logs and raw data — without being locked into a consumption-based pricing model. Gravwell is a data platform with security lake features that enables teams to investigate, collaborate, and analyze data on-demand, from any source — all with unlimited data collection and retention.
See how we beat the competition

None of the limits. Nothing but upside.


Structure On Read

(not another normalize/taxonomize approach)

Multi-Cloud Query Capability

(without sending data from one cloud provider to another)

Retroactive Application of ML/AI

Compound Queries

Data Fusion

(parallel compound queries, not serial)

Near-Zero Maintenance

Binary Capability

(required for cyber-physical or audio/video use)

Flexible Indexing

Human-Friendly Querying

Time-Series Native

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No need to normalize or set up a schema before ingesting data. Do it on-the-fly and retroactively as needed at search time. Experience unparalleled search capability.

Gravwell does not need to send data from a cloud provider to another to perform a multi-cloud search. Federated search models enable complex deployments.

Apply learning models to previous ingested data. Use models trained on YOUR data, not someone else's.

Join complex queries in a singular search without excess setup or technical code or scripts

Fuse datasets and data sources together in a search with parallel compound queries not in serial increments – save valuable compute

Built from a singular core without bolt-on or add-ons. No wrangling hundreds of microservices here.

Gravwell is capable of netflow and pcap data or even audio and video input. When we say all data we mean ALL DATA, even the weird stuff.

Time index ANY data with the bonus ability to build supplemental indexes. Gravwell gets faster the more you use it.

Syntax you are familiar with! If you are a fan of the linux command line or powershell, you can get started right away.

Apply date and timestamps on the fly without the need to re-ingest and re-query 

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We are constantly improving!

Check out the freshest, bleeding-edge updates from our dev team.
(Without the excess marketing lingo)

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Have it all.

Without excessive consumption-based licensing.

No need to entangle yourself with the Data mafia just to do your business. 
Gravwell lets you own your data and do your business – no strings attached.

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All your data

Gravwell-Homepage-Everywhere you want it@2x

Everywhere you want it

Gravwell-Homepage-All as you need it@2x

All as you need it

Gravwell-Homepage-Just as you like it@2x

Just as you like it

Gravwell-Homepage-Observability Everywhere

Observability. Everywhere.

Gravwell is the only solution that lets you gain data observability for both on-prem and multi-cloud environments.

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A Smarter Data Lake That Checks All the Security Boxes

Our patented cybersecurity data lake powers threat hunting like nothing else you can use. With advanced pipeline analytics and AI/ML, Gravwell helps you eliminate pain and create value at every turn.


Gravwell-Homepage-No integrations needed@2x

No integrations needed.

Gravwell is structured on read, so there’s no need to centralize your data first before you can start searching.
Gravwell-Homepage-Install and blast off@2x

Install and blast off.

Gravwell has a bunch of pre-made, install-ready kits for common use cases, loaded up with handy pre-built tools, like queries and dashboards.
Gravwell-Homepage-Scale to your mission@2x

Scale to your mission.

Grow as your objectives do. Get massive scalability with a platform that doesn’t punish you for needing more.
Gravwell-Homepage-Real time observability@2x

Real-time observability — cloud and on-prem.

Get seamless visibility across your environments so you work with the full picture.
Gravwell-Homepage-Get real answers faster@2x

Get real answers faster.

Search petabytes of data in seconds (including search and fusion of binary data). Get right to what you need, when you need it — whether ten seconds fresh or ten years old.
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Do stuff. Don't instrument stuff.

Spin Gravwell up and configure it in minutes, so you can get back to it.

We love a good bake-off. Give Gravwell a go and tell us what you think.

Kits, Add-ons, Integrations. Benefit with:

- Don Pezet | Co-founder, ITProTV

If you want to stand up an ELK stack, it takes forever and it takes a lot of different components, but with Gravwell... you can have it up and running in a matter of minutes and be ingesting data before you know it. It's just a really awesome product all in all.

- Ron Gula | President, Gula Tech Adventures

I routinely meet security operations teams struggling with slow hunting platforms. Gravwell enables teams to work with more data faster and find attackers and anomalies quicker.

- Keith King | Infrastructure Security Architect, NSF International

After using other data solutions, our engineers became so disillusioned with email support they just gave up on it. But I convinced them to give Gravwell a try, and they've been bowled over at the responsiveness and willingness to help.

- Dustin Finn | Gravwell CE User

The Gravwell Community Edition continues to be an excellent resource in my own monitoring of data and activity, and as the product grows I've been thankful that the enhancements and upgrades make it to the community.

What’s New

What Gravwell Gets You

With Gravwell, you get everything you want with none of the nonsense. Empower your analysts to dig, mold, sculpt, and interrogate their data — past and present — to collect, observe, analyze, and act in an instant. Take a deeper look at platform features.

Who We Are

We’re a team of experienced security practitioners, engineers, communicators, and more. But above all, we’re a group of people who understand that getting the most out of your data can feel like fighting against gravity. We joined forces because we knew there had to be a better way.

We’re Real Humans.

Gravwell was created by some of the top minds in the security and analytics space with decades of expertise, who joined forces to develop a product that could actually tackle the real-world challenges they experienced as practitioners.

We Partner with the Best.

We understand that “better” is a moving target. That’s why we continue to enhance our capabilities by partnering with innovative organizations who want to make a real difference. You in? Contact our team to learn more about partnership opportunities.

We’re Growing.

A mission is only as strong as the team behind it. We’re actively searching for like-minded people who want to work without limits and change the way we think about data.
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