We Care About Your Security and Budget

Gravwell helps you turn machine data into a wealth of actionable knowledge while protecting your budget by eliminating skyrocketing data ingestion costs.

Low Cost of Ownership

Focus on your organization's security without compromising its budget. We won't charge you for how much data you need to ingest and keep.

Low Maintenance

Ingest text and binary data natively without worrying about any transformation or formatting. Set up your ingesters in minutes.

Scalability & Performance

Enable real-time security with very fast data ingestion and live dashboards. Gravwell was developed with speed in mind.

Built By Security Experts

Like you, we're passionate (and paranoid) about security. We built Gravwell to first and foremost offer a cost effective, scalable and insanely fast security monitoring and auditing solution. More about our tech.

Unlimited Ingestion & Retention

How good can your security monitoring and auditing be if it costs you an arm and a leg? Gravwell allows you to store as much data as you need at no additional cost.

Binary and Agnostic Data Support

Beyond text, ingest any binary or custom data within minutes. No more converting netflow to text.

Scalability & Distributed Solution

Gravwell was built to scale for a world where everything creates data. Our largest deployment analyzes well over 100TB/day.

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How Gravwell Protected the World's Fastest Network at SC18

For the 2018 Super Computing Conference (SC18, held in Dallas, TX), we provided our analytics platform to the Network Security team who was responsible for cyber security and threat hunting on the world's most advanced computing infrastructure.

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