Gravwell For Personal or Commercial Use

  • Monitor your side hustle project or avoid expensive tools and try it for free at your place of work.
  • Keep tabs on how many freeloaders are using your Wi-Fi.
  • Test drive pre-built kits that are ready in a matter of minutes, empowering you to monitor and secure your infrastructure faster than ever.
  • Monitor a swarm of systems with seamless collected integration and get that necessary praise that you deserve from your boss.
  • Analyze network traffic and DNS to figure out how much of your ISP bill is being spent serving you ads you didn’t even want.
  • Collect Zeek, Suricata, or other data to keep those hoodie-wearing hackers out of your network.
  • Keep tabs on all your IoT devices so you can be among the first who combat the robot uprising or analyze any data at all — Gravwell is data agnostic so custom ingesters are as easy as filling out this form.
  • Catch your kids playing video games when they’re supposed to be sleeping.
  • Become better at using Gravwell! Learn more by doing with this training guide video
  • We do NOT have Google Analytics Installed. We do NOT know what searches you run or the data you collect.
  • Become omniscient and investigate that hunch!

Gravwell CE