Gravwell Community Edition

Ready to experience the power of Gravwell? Gravwell Community Edition (CE) is available for free. That's right, the power to extract insights from your data is a simple `apt install` away.
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Gravwell For Personal or Commercial Use

First, submit your information using the form below to get your license file emailed to you. Then follow the quickstart instructions to get the CE installed. That’s it. You’ll be able to start making an impact right away.

Gravwell CE helps you:

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Monitor your side hustle project or avoid expensive tools and try it for free at your place of work.
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Keep tabs on how many freeloaders are using your Wi-Fi.
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Test drive pre-built kits that are ready in a matter of minutes, empowering you to monitor and secure your infrastructure faster than ever.
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Monitor a swarm of systems with seamless collected integration and get that necessary praise that you deserve from your boss.
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Analyze network traffic and DNS to figure out how much of your ISP bill is being spent serving you ads you didn’t even want.
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Collect Zeek, Suricata, or other data to keep those hoodie-wearing hackers out of your network.
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Keep tabs on all your IoT devices so you can be among the first who combat the robot uprising or analyze any data at all — Gravwell is data agnostic so custom ingesters are as easy as filling out this form.
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Catch your kids playing video games when they’re supposed to be sleeping.
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Become better at using Gravwell! Learn more by doing with this training guide video
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We do NOT have Google Analytics Installed. We do NOT know what searches you run or the data you collect.
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Become omniscient and investigate that hunch!


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Ingest massive amounts of data from anywhere, no problem
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Fuse massive data fast, simply and without limit
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Ready-to-install kits that install in a matter of minutes