Gravwell is an exciting startup driven by a mission to help organizations achieve their objectives by harnessing the power of unlimited data analytics. 


The company was founded in 2017 by security practitioners who were looking for a solution that could natively ingest large-scale, fully unstructured data quickly.  No such tool existed, so Gravwell was purpose-built from the ground up to meet that need. (We love open source software, but Gravwell is a proprietary platform written 100% in Go with performance, scalability and security in mind)

Our systems engineering team consists of top-notch developers who create and maintain a codebase that's unparalleled in terms of capability or performance.  Our UI/UX developers deliver this performance in ways that wow our customers and empower our users to explore their data like never before.  One of our customers likened their experience with Gravwell to "sculpting with data", and we're passionate about enabling data exploration in new and exciting ways. 

Our company culture encourages innovation and experimentation, with opportunities to have your expertise shape the future of the company.  We aren't looking for cogs, we're looking for teammates.


Current open positions:


No positions currently open.

That said... if you're awesome and you have awesome ideas to help Gravwell be more awesome.... then definitely email us.