Gravwell is an exciting startup in the data analytics space with a very unique approach to solving data problems. Our company culture encourages innovation and experimentation with opportunities to have your expertise shape the future of the company. We aren't looking for cogs, we are looking for teammates.

We love open source software, but Gravwell is a proprietary platform written 100% in Go with performance, scalability and security in mind.

Our systems engineering team consists of top notch developers who create and maintain a codebase that's unparalleled in terms of capability or performance. Our UI/UX developers deliver this performance in ways that wow our customers and empower our users to explore their data like never before.

To apply to any position, email a resume to

Frontend (Angular) Developer

Gravwell has an open position for a Javascript/Typescript developer to work predominantly on the user interface for our data analytics platform. Development work consists of creating of custom components for UI/UX around searching and presenting data in interesting and compelling ways. The ideal candidate will be self-starting and look for opportunities to positively impact the product through their unique expertise and perspective.

Gravwell is an exciting startup in the Coeur d'Alene area with a unique set of opportunities and challenges. Come help us make our customers awesome. While we're located in CdA, we are very remote friendly.

Desired Experience:

  • Angular 6+
  • Angular Material
  • Unit testing
  • Performance enhancements (e.g. memory leak troubleshooting)
  • eCharts, D3, or other charting library
  • REST API and websockets

Cybersecurity Research Analyst (Senior and Junior)

The cybersecurity research analyst position primarily supports Gravwell’s R&D group which is responsible for use case development, automation creation, and research publication on cybersecurity topics and the Gravwell analytics platform. Secondary responsibilities may include customer success and QA testing of new features. Well suited candidates are self-motivated and capable of working remotely on tasks which may be self-designated.  Candidates must be US citizens and resident in the contiguous 48 states.

The core platform is a highly concurrent distributed system designed to ingest and analyze all manners of data; including text, network traffic, executables, audio, and video.  Candidates are expected to be very comfortable working with many different log and data formats to rapidly extract, interrogate, and visualize data.

In other words, this job is about doing awesome blue team projects using all manner of data sources and then publishing because there aren't *nearly* enough blue-team resources out there.

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Cybersecurity R&D
    • Research and publish on defensive tactics, techniques, and strategies
    • Utilize knowledge of security incidents to develop playbooks and procedures for use by Gravwell end customers
    • Create use cases for security operations and monitoring
    • Create Gravwell tools (e.g. queries, dashboards, etc) for given use cases
    • Engage with customers as needed
  • Developer support
    • Provide feature suggestions and subject matter expertise for cybersecurity
    • Bug reporting
Desired Skills and Experience
Skill Requirements
  • Log analysis experience of anything from firewalls to vmware to endpoint to zeek to you name it we collect it
  • SIEM tool experience
  • Solid scripting skills (e.g. python, powershell, bash, etc)
  • Understand and be able to run network attack tools
  • Understand network protocols
  • Strong speaking and writing skills
    • Fluent in English
Preferred but not required skills
  • Software reverse engineering and protocol design
    • Ability to reverse engineer a black box system or network stream and develop a decoder
  • Language experience
    • Assembly, Python, C#, C, C++, Java
  • Malware analysis

No other positions currently open.

That said...if you're awesome and you have awesome ideas to help Gravwell be more awesome....then definitely email us.