Gravwell vs Splunk

Gravwell is a built from scratch Splunk alternative powered by a proprietary time series data lake. It is designed to ingest data in its native format, operate at an enterprise scale with minimal maintenance, and investigate your data with no limits on searches. All of this is supported by a pricing model that does not punish you for ingesting more!

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Gravwell does not apply any schema to your data at the point of ingest

Our structure-on-read capability allows us to ingest any data source in its native format, including binary data. You are never required to normalize or convert any data source at the point of ingest. 

Combined with our indexer pricing model, Gravwell offers complete data observability at a fraction of the cost of traditional SIEM and data lake providers.

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Search & Hunt

The Gravwell query pipeline operates using the Gravwell Query Language.

Users familiar with SPL, Powershell, or running Linux command line can be quickly functional within Gravwell. The query pipeline uses free-text search to enable users to ask questions of their data. Gravwell also uses the same query language for ad-hoc investigations and detections

The query language includes modules to search, extract, process, and visualize data. Enabling you to ask any question of your data.

To put more power in your hands at search time, Gravwell provides unique features such as Actionables and Playbooks. 

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Actionables are regular expressions that match on any data in any view for context-based interactivity to pivot to secondary queries,  investigation playbooks, or external tools.

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Playbooks give engineers and researchers a tool to standardize and document investigation procedures using markdown and generalized or templated queries and dashboards to improve investigation outcomes.

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Gravwell includes our SOAR functionality, named Flows, as part of a single solution. 

Flows provide a no-code method for developing advanced automations in Gravwell. By wiring together nodes in a drag-and-drop user interface, you can:

  • Run queries
  • Generate PDF reports
  • Send emails
  • HTTP requests
  • Use/Update resource lookup files
  • Fire off Slack and MS Teams
  • and more...
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