Gravwell vs Splunk

Helping organizations overcome the barriers with migrating from Splunk.

Gravwell enables teams to investigate, collaborate, and analyze data from any source, on-demand, all with unlimited data collection and retention. Ingest all logs and raw data without being locked into a consumption-based pricing model.

Avoid the Splunk Screw-Zone

Gravwell is the most flexible full-stack analytics program that hosts all the technical capabilities of the biggest market  competitor, Splunk. We were created in the data age and understand that modern data insights demand unlimited ingest and  analysis capability for cybersecurity. Our platform ingests everything and compromises nothing. Splunk can’t say that.

Additionally, we support a wide range of customers with data analytics at scale with predictive pricing, making us not only the  most flexible but the most affordable solution. 

Complexity and Expertise are Required!?

Users are often confused about the complicatedness of the product suite, let alone how fast the team will bust the license cap. For illustration, what Splunk are you using? Splunk Enterprise Security? Are you using Splunk Core? Which department owns the budget? Switching to the Cloud Platform? Using SOAR? SIEM? ES? SE? Gravwell eliminates this with a singular unified platform with no-code automation capabilities built-in, allowing you to be stress-free with a clear licensing agreement.


Many platforms, like Splunk, are not data agnostic — subjecting customers to cost increases for data conversion, or the inability to query the data in whatever way necessary. 

Instead, users must stay “on the rails” and only query data how the tools allow.


Our competitors fail to offer node-based pricing — basing their pricing model on traditional ingestion based pricing — a model that has proven to be more costly in the long run.

This model means Splunk customers simply do not have the budget to ingest all of their data.

Observability gaps, license usage overage, limited log ingest, excessive storage costs, complex product suite.
If you’re having any of these problems, it’s time to move on. Try us side-by-side or rip-and-replace!
It’s okay to break up with Splunk. We’re here now.
Use Gravwell for free until your Splunk renewal date, so you’re not double-paying.
While you are using Gravwell for free, we offer our free migration tool to help ease the transition.
Access our training in the platform to master our (ridiculously-easy) regex query language to ensure a zero-friction handover.