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Tracking BART Trains with Gravwell

We publish a lot of networking-focused information on this blog, but Gravwell is really a very flexible tool for analyzing any sort of data. To demonstrate this, we occasionally go out looking for...

Kit: Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall

With the release of Gravwell 5.0.0, we are also excited to announce the availability of a new kit for logs from Palo Alto's next-gen firewall devices. The kit is still small, but it already provides...

Did that BIOS Update Do Anything?

I had been having some trouble with stability on my desktop system for a while: browser tabs crashing, random segfaults, occasionally the entire system would lock up. It's an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X...

Get Your Kits into Git with Kitctl

Gravwell's kit builder makes it easy to collect things you've built--dashboards, scheduled searches, and so on--into a single file you can version control your insights. Not to mention, packing your...

Delve into Apache Logs with Gravwell Data Explorer

Gravwell 4.2.0 includes a lot of great stuff--including a snazzy new default theme--but perhaps the coolest new feature is the Data Explorer. Data Explorer is the easiest way to come to grips with...

Back-up to Backblaze with Gravwell Automations

Gravwell's backup/restore functionality lets you save all your user-generated content (dashboards, resources, users) into a convenient tarball for restoration in case your server's disk crashes. Of...

Slice it Like Roast Beef: Parsing Raw ARP Messages in Gravwell

One of Gravwell's great strengths is binary ingest: you can store things like raw packets, then parse them later when you know what you want to extract. This came in handy recently when I set up IPv6...

Easy Custom Implementations with Gravwell Client Library

Version 3.7.0 of the Gravwell open source repository introduces an exciting new feature: a Go library for interacting directly with Gravwell! Our Data Fusion platform has always been about meeting...

4.1.0 Feature Spotlight: Upload Data from the Gravwell UI

Sometimes, you just need to get data into Gravwell without setting up any ingesters--maybe you want to analyze a collection of log files somebody emailed you, or maybe you've got a pcap file from...

Amp Up Your Data Analysis with the new Zeek Kit

Zeek can give you so much insight into what's going on in your network, but it can feel like drinking from the firehose - dozens of files full of terse log entries, and no easy way to cross-reference...
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