Get a Free CE License

Today we are announcing some major changes to Gravwell Community Edition (CE).

We’re opening up CE in two major ways. First, we’re upping the ingest limit from the current 2GB/day to 1/10th of an AU in bytes (which is about 13.9 GB/day). Second, we’re removing the non-commercial restrictions on a CE license. You can now get Gravwell, for free up to 13.9GB/day, to use at your home and/or your place of work.

We’re pushing this CE change to give folks at an organization of any size the change to play with some really, really cool tools. Gravwell was built for enterprise-grade scalability by a crack team of high performance computing experts, but that doesn’t mean it’s not also useful in smaller instances. Everyone has logs and network data that they need to sort through.

I look back at my start with computers and the sense of wonder and exploration that I had. When I got my hand-me-down Packard Bell to call my friend’s computer across town so we could play a game of Warcraft….it was like I had entered an exciting new world that desperately needed exploring. I feel some of that same wonder when faced with cool data problems.

We believe in constant exploration and always pushing the frontier line to discover what’s next out there. That belief is why we are building a data exploration tool that always let’s analysts ask more questions. It’s why we keep adding killer new features. It’s why we love the space theme and why we make fun videos like this CE welcome/intro video.


Get a Free CE License