Use Case: Threat Hunting

Full-Text Search

Gravwell’s full-text search capability allows analysts to explore any data source without pre-indexing, pinpointing critical information swiftly. This tool is essential in identifying vital signals amidst vast data, enhancing the effectiveness of threat hunting.

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Gravwell SIEM - Your Advanced Network Security Ally

Real-time Visibility

Gain a real-time view of your network activity, including logs, traffic, and security events.

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Forensics & Investigation

Conduct in-depth investigations and forensics to understand the root causes of security issues.

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Threat Detection

Detect anomalies, suspicious patterns, and potential security breaches as they happen.

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Build Research Playbook Templates

Gravwell’s customizable playbook templates encapsulate past threat hunts, providing structured paths for future investigations. These interactive guides, with markdown and embedded search templates, offer analysts consistent and effective strategies for identifying threats.

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Hunt Over All Your Data

Gravwell's hunting capabilities combine speed and precision, allowing analysts to extract only necessary data fields quickly. Its high-velocity data retrieval tools ensure thorough and efficient hunts across extensive datasets.

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