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The Sky is no longer the limit. Gravwell blasts off into space.

As a Gravwell founder, it has been absolutely incredible to watch a growing team take a product that I started in a basement with my college buddy and create a powerhouse startup serving large...

Back-up to Backblaze with Gravwell Automations

Gravwell's backup/restore functionality lets you save all your user-generated content (dashboards, resources, users) into a convenient tarball for restoration in case your server's disk crashes. Of...

Gravwell 4.2 Sneak Peek - Data Explorer

Greetings from the R&D department of Gravwell! We’re here today to show you a sneak peek of one of many features coming in our next release, Gravwell 4.2.0. 

Top 5 Questions to Ask when Considering Log Management Solutions

Compare Scalability, Cost, and Performance There have been no shortage of self-proclaimed "Splunk Killers" and log analytics products throughout the years as hype and buzzwords get thrown about like...

Threat Hunting, Spaf, Sun Tzu, and You

I often quote Spaf who says "A system is good if it does what it's supposed to do, and secure if it doesn't do anything else." Making our systems secure requires a few things. We first have to know...

How to move to Gravwell from Splunk (or another platform)

As applications generate more data, as we adopt more IoT, and as more things move to cloud, log volumes explode. Traditional log management solutions have trouble keeping up and cause major budgeting...

Add Threat Hunting to your SIEM with Gravwell

Enhance Security by Removing Limits SIEMs have historically done well in helping organizations detect threats. Modern threat activity has shown, however, that tracking pre-selected data and relying...

IPMI and Gravwell Part 2: Making an IPMI Kit

Welcome back to Gravwell HQ! Today we bring you the second post in our two-part blog series on building IPMI ingest and analysis tools. In part one we walked through building an ingester from...

What the HEC - Gravwell HTTP Ingester Supports Splunk Compatibility

The Gravwell HTTP ingester now supports a default config block that's compatible with Splunk HEC ingester defaults. To show this in action, we will use an awesome attacker simulation tool, Scythe and...

IPMI and Gravwell Part 1: Building an IPMI Ingester

(This post is part one of a two-part technology series around building and using an IPMI ingester and kit. Part two coming soon.) In many data aggregation and analysis tools, the ecosystem is fully...
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