Bridging the OT and IT Gap With Gravwell

The Situation

A global materials science company develops materials critical to the defense of the US. This industrial conglomerate needed to modernize operations, while addressing the gap in their cybersecurity maturity.
Gravwell-Case Study-Bridging the OI and IT Gap

The Challenge

A flexible enough platform to deliver a unique solution for the facility.

Like most multinational enterprises dealing with IT integration and modernization, this customer’s legacy systems and data center capabilities required an extraordinarily configurable platform to meet their operational needs. They turned to Gravwell to find the freedom and flexibility they needed to build a unique and effective solution to their facility data problems.

Key Objectives

  • Address and reduce regulatory and intellectual property protection risk
  • Get visibility to network anomalies and monitor new devices on the network
  • Continuously monitor both on-site threats and cyber threats
  • Mature cybersecurity efforts and validate the integrity of the manufacturing process

The Results

By employing the Gravwell platform, this global materials science company was able to greatly improve the protection of critical intellectual assets and increase visibility with ease. By providing a single unified source of all their disparate data sources, from IT events to OT sensors, the customer’s team had - for the first time - a full 360 degree, real-time view of their networks and the plant floor.

Download the case study to read the full story of how Gravwell quickly and significantly enhanced cybersecurity efforts and manufacturing operations for this industrial conglomerate.

A word from the customer…

“For the first time in my 30 years working here, we have a reliable and simple way to access all of our OT and IT logs… We’re more confident than ever that we’re doing everything necessary to protect our intellectual property and meet regulatory compliance”

- Director Research and Development IT
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