Edition (CE)

Gravwell Community Edition (CE) is available for free for non-commercial use*! (Business users - check out our Free Trial or Schedule a Demo to get started). That’s right, the power to extract insights from your data is a simple `apt install` away. Follow the quickstart instructions to get the CE installed. Then, submit your information using the form on this page to get your license file emailed to you.

Now you can:

  • Keep tabs on how many freeloaders are using your WiFi
  • Analyze network traffic and DNS to figure out how much of your ISP bill is being spent serving you ads you didn’t even want
  • Monitor a swarm of systems with seamless collectd integration
  • Catch your kids playing video games when they’re supposed to be sleeping
  • Collect Bro, Suricata, or other data to keep those hoodie-wearing hackers out of your network
  • Keep tabs on all your IoT devices so you can be among the first who combat the robot uprising or analyze any data at all — Gravwell is data agnostic so custom ingesters are as easy as filling out this form.
  • Make sure to check out our blog for great tips on how we use Gravwell to do all of the above.
If you like using Gravwell and want to talk to someone about how you can use it at work, email Those guys love that kind of conversation.

*Community Edition is for non-commercial use only; There is a 2GB/day limit to what you can ingest and a couple premium features like data replication are disabled. Every paid license of Gravwell comes with UNLIMITED data ingest.

To get the license file by email, please fill out the form below. Please Note: CE is for non-commercial use only.