Gravwell as Security Lake

Stop throwing away your data. Keep all your data in one place, forever.

Gravwell delivers a single source for all cybersecurity data. Store years of raw log data, time-series data,  and binary data. No data normalization at ingest means rapid data onboarding and analysis.
With Gravwell you don’t have to pick and choose what gets saved. No AI magic. We take all the data. All of it. Video. Raw. Binary. And we allow you to do analysis on your data however you need to.

WTF even is Security Data Lake?

SDLs are not another fancy analyst's buzzword acronym with a graphical chart. In fact, they told us not even to use the term SDL. However, we believe strongly in providing the best software for our users, and here is a quick explanation of an SDL in the video below:


Send everything. Go ahead. We’ve got this.

Since any data type can be ingested and analyzed, security analysts and IT Operations teams are finally able to gain true visibility. The fusion of wildly disparate data types enables new possibilities in analytics, resulting in faster answers and better collaboration between Security, QA, DevOps, and IT Operations.

You Deserve

ALL of your Data!

Check out the benefits of a Gravwell security data lake.
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Highly Durable

Scale and leverage object storage seamlessly.
Gravwell-Security Data Lake-Functionality Icon@2x

Infrastructure Functionality

Gravwell functions both on-premise and in the cloud.
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Democratized Data

Make your data available to the whole organization.
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Better Pricing

Gravwell offers node-based pricing to make things flexible. Don’t worry about not having the budget for traditional pricing.
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More Versatility

Our biggest deployment eats over 100 TB per day (!!) of logs, multimedia, sensor data, people data, and more.

- Don Pezet | Co-Founder, ITProTV

“…Have [Gravwell] up and running in a matter of minutes and be ingesting data before you know it. It's just a really awesome product all in all.”

Our Resources

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See Gravwell in Action

Go beyond the limits of Log management tools and SIEMs to analyze your data however you need to. Contact our team to schedule your demo and leverage Gravwell in your organization. Or just check it out on your own with our Free Community Edition.