Gravwell alongside your SIEM

Search, structure, and flow freely with Gravwell.

Gravwell is an enterprise data fusion and analytics platform that empowers teams to ingest all of their data from any source and investigate anything — all without limits. Our platform reduces the pain and costs associated with a legacy SIEM.

Achieve Observability Faster.

We understand that teams have unique requirements and deployments with many different vendors—You can run Gravwell alongside or in front of your SIEM [+SOAR and XDR platforms] and with the ability to query every log at a lower cost. 

Federated Search with Gravwell

Gravwell brings true federated search to your enterprise. It’s designed to move fast and reduce the cognitive overhead required to search multiple sources at once. With Gravwell, teams can query multiple environments, receive only the data specific to the query, and have the data stay in the local instance, with a central hub overwatch.

Query each environment (Azure, GCP, AWS, or On-Prem)

Combine the output of each query within Overwatch.

This also works for different teams that have separate instances and environments for different business units. Gravwell enables security teams to pull data from each instance and combine the output.


Structure on Read

How many times has your search shown raw syslog data, then attempted to process as RFC 5424 (e.g. "correct" syslog) and oh wouldntyaknowit the access point logs don't match the spec. That's ok, Gravwell can adjust our autoextractor to pull out the fields you want and process as JSON, all without having to re-ingest or alter any sort of schema.

Because Gravwell is structure-on-read, we can do a minor tweak to our query and pull the JSON from the Ubiquiti logs for analysis and apply that retroactively.

No data is lost while we "fixed" any schema. No upfront work is required either. Gravwell can do this on the fly at any time, which is crucial for investigating basic things like this syslog or complicated things like attackers exfiltrating data over DNS.


Empowering you to monitor and secure your 
infrastructure faster than ever.

  • Integrate pre-built or custom kits for your organization.
  • Establish playbooks that show open source collectors, pre built queries, and best practices.
  • Allow for “detection-as-code” to preserve your institutional knowledge.

Drag and drop your way to advanced automations.

  • Gravwell Flows is a low code automation feature.
  • We have built out a robust debugging and introspection system that makes complicated automation flows far more approachable.
- Ron Gula | President, Gula Tech Adventures

"Gravwell is ideally suited for security teams and responders to prepare for the next breach."

Can your SIEM do this?

Gravwell is awesome for SIEM-stuff. But it enables you to do so much more. Automation. Data parsing. Whatever you want. Check out how we’re taking your data beyond the SIEM.
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See Gravwell in Action

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