Gravwell for Threat Hunting

Who's hiding in the noise? You don’t know what is in the data you don’t save.

With Gravwell you can empower anyone to threat hunt, and decrease the time from intrusion to discovery, reducing the amount of damage done by attackers.  Easily investigate the timeline of an incident across the full breadth of your high-volume data sources.
Threat hunting requires data — and a lot of it. Most tools pretty up your data to make it easy for their proprietary logic to manage it. That’s great for them, but can be bad for you. You want it raw. All of it.

Raw, Unstructured Deliciousness.

Gravwell is an unstructured data lake built from scratch to address modern data collection and interrogation requirements. It handles common things like syslog, Windows events, and firewall logs, and so much more. Gravwell is also very comfortable gettin’ weird to support data in native format like custom application logs, PCAP, netflow, or even images and audio.

And it eats a lot. Our biggest deployment consumes 100TB a day and still asks for seconds.

Responding to security incidents faster and investigating across the full breadth of your data is possible with Gravwell.

So, let’s add some proper threat hunting to your cyber stack

It’s as easy as…


Set up Gravwell ingestors.



Forward all logs + events to Gravwell.



Add any data sources. Even Unstructured.



Threat Hunt in the noise without limits.


Gravwell lets you threat hunt across all your data, without being held back by the limitations of your existing tools.


Using Gravwell’s query language, tell us what you want to check out and how you’d like your data to be pulled.

Want to bring in corroborating data to try to prove (or disprove) your hunch? Gravwell’s data fusion lets you do that in a snap!


With all of your data in the Gravwell Security Data Lake, you don’t need to pull together reports and exports from all over. Just let us return it to you. 

Gravwell allows you to boost weak signals across all your data and fuses sources to find things other tools just can’t.


Gravwell’s visualizations allow you to pick out patterns and correlations between disparate types of data.

AI is cool, but the human eye is better. We just make it simpler to get the data in a  format that allows you to do your thing faster.

Report and Monitor

Gravwell makes it easy to present your findings, complete with all the source data.

Plus, you can proactively re-run your hunt queries with alerts in real-time, in case anything changes.

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We know you want this. Get started for free.

The Gravwell staff are absolutely out of this world at helping companies get more out of their data. Reach out to us to chat about how threat hunting capability can assist your enterprise today. Or kick our Free Community Edition around and try it yourself.