Utilizing a data platform instead of trying to force
a legacy SIEM to solve problems
will reduce your pain and costs.

Raw Logs

Security Data Lake

Investigation Capability

Investigation Performance

Incident Response


Query Syntax

Licensing Cost

Operational Overhead

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Gain full observability. 
Perform an in-depth analysis of all  your data. Work with Raw Logs  to get the complete and exact truth  of what happened.
Delivers a single source for  all cybersecurity data. 
Store years  of raw log data, time-series data,  and binary data. No data normalization at ingest means rapid data onboarding and analysis.
Empower anyone to threat hunt, and decrease the time  from intrusion to discovery, reducing the amount of  damage done by attackers. 
Easily investigate the timeline of an incident across the full breadth of your high-volume data sources.
Respond faster to security incidents. 
Gravwell is optimized for  the worst-case first methodology. Queries are still fast even when indexes cannot help to improve speed.
Make better decisions faster  with the complete timeline of  an incident. 
Gain unprecedented ability  to search through unstructured events. 
Automate anything with a native automation engine, 
allowing teams to scale and stay focused on high value, complex problems. Interact seamlessly with internal or external systems.
Get started quickly and write powerful and agile queries 
using Gravwell’s query syntax (based on the Linux command line) that allows anyone to gain precise insights. If you  can PowerShell you can Gravwell.
A single-stack solution with data storage efficiency dramatically reduces cost 
by removing the need for multiple overlapping products and expensive SIEM storage.
Increase team efficiency, scalability, and impact. 
Gravwell is easy to manage, allowing SecOps teams to focus on security, not on running software.


Incomplete and obscured visibility based on existing biases. 
Normalizing and storing only filtered  logs provides a limited and possibly  inaccurate analysis.

Increased cost, time and complexity with reliance on 3rd parties 
 to deliver  centralized cybersecurity data  with the desired retention.
Potentially allow attackers  to exploit unknown unknowns  and dwell in your environment 
for months, or even years,  before discovery.
Face delays loading data into  a SIEM and waiting for queries  to execute.  
Complex queries cause a lapse in performance with wait-times of multiple hours or even full business days.
Noisy and inconsistent responses  
based on overzealous alerts that  miss emerging threats and create  false positives.
Increased cost and complexity  
with reliance on 3rd parties to deliver automation for threat detection,  threat hunting, and incident response. 
Limited and inflexible syntax impedes time and precision in intricate scenarios.
Choose between security  and data storage costs.   
As your data grows, your bill  grows at an exponential rate. 
Teams are overwhelmed and distracted   
by managing the  software and not improving security. 

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