Try Gravwell with your own data, free for 14 days

Easy to install. 

Even easier to love.

The best way to see the value of Gravwell is in your own infrastructure with your own data. The Localized Gravwell trial provides 14 days of unlimited testing on a single-node instance.

Ingest your own:

  • Network Traffic
  • Bro, Snort, and Suricata alerts
  • Hardware temperature and health
  • Web logs
  • or any data at all -- Gravwell is data agnostic so custom ingesters are as easy as filling out this form.

Gravwell documentation helps guide you to actionable intelligence. If you'd rather get up and running as fast as possible, our awesome Gravwell onboarding engineers are ready to streamline your experience and maximize the value that Gravwell provides.

Remember, all Gravwell licenses include unlimited data, just like this trial. That's what I call value. For onboarding help or a PoC setup, email