Log Management

Better Threat Hunting. Total Coverage. Reliability at-scale.
Log volumes are growing exponentially, and legacy tools were not designed to handle the data requirements of today. No organization should be forced to drop data on the floor because of budgetary requirements. Gravwell makes it possible to log everything.
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The fact is, you can only get insights from data that you actually collect.

Gravwell provides this raw value through our purpose-built data lake. Our secret sauce storage system reduces on-disk requirements and increases search speed performance.

At a SuperComputing Conference, Gravwell provided our data analytics platform to the SCinet Network Security team to successfully stop continuous internet attacks automatically, using less hardware and resources than had been required in previous years.

The whole story is both exciting and, dare we say it, pretty cool. Read the case study to discover how the SCinet Network Security team leveraged Gravwell to automate analysis, speed up the investigation, and free up analysts to respond against an actual attack in real-time that would have been devastating had it not been stopped.

Like the SCInet Network Security Team, you too can use Gravwell to:

Gravwell-SC18-Dynamic dashboard@2x
Developed dynamic dashboards to monitor activity as events unfold
Gravwell-SC18-Automate analysis@2x
Expedite investigations and automate analysis
Gravwell-SC18-Real time protection@2x
Protect against real-time attacks against data and assets
Gravwell-SC18-Ingest data@2x
Ingest massive amounts of data without issue and without limits
Learn more about Gravwell’s threat hunting capabilities and talk to one of our data analytics experts to learn how Gravwell can enhance your own analytics and cyber security practices.