For Immediate Release
February 15, 2021.

Gravwell Upgrades Community Edition to help users explore and gather deeper insights about their data at no additional cost.
Access Gravwell and ingest data up to 13.9 GB a day for free with a Community Edition license for personal or commercial use.

MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 15, 2022 -- Gravwell, an enterprise data fusion and analytics platform, today announced significant changes to the Community Edition version of the Gravwell platform. Gravwell Community Edition, built by an experienced team of high-performance computing experts, is now free up to 13.9 GB a day. In addition, the non-commercial restrictions have been removed, allowing all users to access the platform for personal projects or deployments at work.

"At Gravwell, we believe in constant exploration and continually pushing the frontier line to discover what is next out there. That belief is why we built a data exploration tool that always lets users ask questions. It is why we keep adding more features and incredible updates," said Corey Thuen, CEO and co-founder of Gravwell. "We are pushing this Community Edition change to give folks at an organization of any size the chance to play with some special tools. Even though Gravwell is built with enterprise-grade scalability in mind, the use case can be all sizes because everyone has logs and network data that they need to sort through. The whole team and I are excited to witness what the community constructs and the cyber situations they solve with Gravwell Community Edition."

Community Edition provides the same benefits as the enterprise version of Gravwell, therefore allowing Community Edition users to crunch data, discover insights in real-time with live dashboards, and conduct meaningful threat hunting through the ability to search through unstructured events.

Alongside the Community Edition upgrade, the Gravwell team has released a new set of training documents and support updates, including a scripted video guide to help users of all levels get started quickly and remain highly engaged. They are available today and accessible from the home page within Community Edition. Try it today at

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