Data analysis company Gravwell ingested 22,000,000 comments sent to the FCC's docket on Net Neutrality and posted their preliminary findings, which are that the majority of comments came from bots, and these bots oppose Net Neutrality; of the comments that appear to originate with humans, the vast majority favor Net Neutrality.

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The findings confirm earlier reports that floods of anti-Net Neutrality comments were sent to the FCC in the name of dead people, or people who denied sending them (those peoples' personal data appeared to have been mined from massive data-breaches gone by).


The FCC has previously vowed to count every comment, even verifiably fraudulent ones.

The Gravwell researchers used a variety of tactics to distinguish fake comments from real ones — for example, looking at identical comments with identical timestamps that had identical errors (like using "{STATE}" as the commenter's state of origin).


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