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Pro Edition

Great for organizations with single business units that need to collect events, search, and automate



Per indexer
PRO EDITION Capabilities:
Self hosted on-prem or in your private cloud
Unlimited Kit Installs (Zeek, CoreDNS, Grok, Netflow, Symon and many more)
Unlimited data ingestion
Unlimited ingester endpoints
Unlimited retention
Unlimited search count
Unlimited user seats
Binary data support
Single Sign-on
Tiered storage
Cloud Archive ("Frozen") Storage
Configurable data retention and automatic age-out
Search scheduler agent and built-in orchestration
Scriptable/custom search
Online (“Hot”) replication
Region-aware redundancy
Enhanced Multi-tenancy Permissions
Distributed web frontends
High availability search
Unlimited automations
Role-based access control (RBAC)
Capability-based access control (CBAC)

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Gravwell Support

At Gravwell our customers’ success is our top priority.

We understand that even our sharpest customer will need a little help, which is why our support model provides the tools, support, and service level agreements needed to succeed. Sometimes customers want a little more, which is why we also offer our professional and premium support packages.
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Severity 1

Severity 2

Severity 3

Severity 4

Knowledge Base, Docs, & Forum

Email Support

Scheduled Phone / 
Video Support

with UI training


Business Account

Technical Training 
Course work

Technical Training

virtual or on site

Priority Case Routing

Designated Technical

Account Manager

Professional Services

Named Contacts

8 Hours Business Hours
2 Days Business Hours
3 Days Business Days
4 Days Business Days
3 Hour initial response. daily updates. (24/7/365)
12 Hours Business Hours
2 Days Business Days
3 Days Business Days


1 Account Manager
1 Hour initial response. updates every 3 hours. (24/7/365)
8 Hours Business Hours
12 Hours Business Hours
2 Days Business Days
4 hours monthly default, more hours available
1 Account Manager and 1 Technical Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a node?

A Gravwell node is an indexer; the Gravwell indexer is responsible for accepting ingested data, indexing it, and storing the data in a storage medium. Webservers, ingesters, and other ancillary components are not counted as nodes for the purpose of licensing.

What is a cluster?

Multiple Gravwell nodes (or Indexers) can be combined to create a single Gravwell Cluster.

What is a webserver?

The webserver acts as the focusing point for all searches and provides an interactive interface into Gravwell.

Do I need multiple webservers?

Most likely, no. Multiple webservers make your cluster more complex. In general, we recommend setting up a single webserver, then adding more only if the load is too high in use.

What is an ingester?

Ingesters gather incoming data, package it into Gravwell entries, and ship it to Gravwell indexers for storage.

What is a dashboard?

Dashboards are aggregated views of searches that provide a view into multiple aspects of the data at once.

What are kits?

Gravwell Kits are pre-packaged tool sets for analyzing a particular data source. Kits exist to analyze Netflow v5, IPFIX, CoreDNS, and more. They're a great way to get started with your data, a jumping-off place to building your own analysis.

What is Community Edition?

Gravwell Community Edition is free for private or commercial usage up to 13.9 GB/day of data ingestion. In addition, our Community actively supports Gravwell on our discord server.

What are the hardware requirements for Gravwell Community Edition?

We strongly recommend at least 4GB of RAM and 2 CPU cores to run Gravwell Community Edition; this should be sufficient up to the CE ingest limit. If you have a paid license, you should scale up your hardware as your daily data ingest increases. In general, we recommend the following rule of thumb:

What are the hardware requirements for Gravwell Pro Edition or Gravwell Enterprise Edition?

You should scale up your hardware as your daily data ingest increases. In general, we recommend the following rule of thumb: One CPU core per 30 GB/day ingest. 1 GB of RAM per 6 GB/day ingest.

Can I import old data?

Yes you can. Check out the migration documents if you have existing data you want to import.!ingesters/migrate/

Are their ingest limits?

Gravwell Community Edition is the ONLY time Gravwell will restrict data ingestion rates. The rate limit is set to 13.9 GB/day of data ingestion, roughly equal to one astronomical unit.

How do I join the Discord Server?

Open invitations are available at:

Where do I get support for Gravwell Community Edition?

Join our Discord server and ask any questions you have!

I have a question that is not listed.

Great! Send us a message, and we will get back to you with an answer.

I want a t-shirt or stickers!

Great! Email