Gravwell for SecOps

Gravwell transforms the way SOC teams work by delivering observability at light-speed, enhancing SIEM efficiency, and providing real-time threat detection. Find out how you can take your SecOps to new heights.

How SOC Teams Benefit

Gravwell-SecOps-Stop threats@2x

Stop threats

Threat hunting at enterprise scale means you can quickly identify and stop threats before they become problems
Gravwell-SecOps-Log everything@2x

Log everything,
find anything

Unlimited ingestion means security analysts can search petabytes of data in seconds — whether it happened ten seconds ago or ten years ago
Gravwell-SecOps-Integrate with ease@2x

with ease

Start making an impact in minutes by leveraging commonly used tools
Gravwell-SecOps-Track and report2x

Track and report
your progress

Measure your ROI and report your impact to executives

What Our Customers Say

- Keith King | Infrastructure Security Architect, NSF International

After using other data solutions, our engineers became so disillusioned with email support they just gave up on it. But I convinced them to give Gravwell a try, and they've been bowled over at the responsiveness and willingness to help.

- Don Pezet | Co-founder, ITProTV

If you want to stand up an ELK stack, it takes forever and it takes a lot of different components, but with Gravwell... you can have it up and running in a matter of minutes and be ingesting data before you know it. It's just a really awesome product all in all.

Platform Features

With Gravwell, you can get to the bottom of data faster so you can take action faster. Threat hunt across logs and network data with unparalleled visibility. Gain unprecedented ability to search through unstructured events. Do it all with one intuitive platform.
Gravwell-Technology-Unlimited Data Retention

Unlimited Data Ingestion

Collect it all
Gravwell-Technology-Automated Data Replication

Automated Data Replication

Store it all
Gravwell-Technology-Unlimited Environments

Unlimited Environments

Host it all
Gravwell-Technology-Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation

Handle it all
Gravwell-Technology-Unlimited Data Cube

Unlimited Data Ingestion

Log it all
Gravwell-Technology-High Availability

High Availability

Access it all
Gravwell-Technology-Unlimited Endpoints

Unlimited Endpoints

Inspect it all
Gravwell-Technology-Expert Customer Support

Expert Customer Support

Support it all
Custom dashboards

See exactly what you need, when you need to see it

Role-based access

Easily create role-based views within repositories to enhance security

Advanced visualizations

Compare activities across teams to stay on track and see the entire picture

Gravwell-Drag and Drop Platform
Gravwell-SecOps-RoleBased Access
Gravwell-SecOps-Advanced visualizations

Latest Insights

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