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Gravwell Platform

We understand that constant sales emails and online pestering are now a part of everyday sales approaches. We found that some customers, no matter how big or small, want to speak directly to those who built the platform and the nerds behind the magic.

Often the sales process starts with constant messaging back and forth to schedule a simple 30-min meeting, in which no one technical is present, and the meeting is just a building block. We understand that is a waste of your time. Let's skip that process entirely, and we only ask that you fill out the form to the best of your knowledge so we can cut out most sales-y talk and go straight to the platform and the science behind it.

If you clicked around on the site, you have better understand what we do here, or if you have not explored just yet, and simply landed on this page, here is an extremely brief overview. Gravwell is an enterprise data fusion platform built by industry experts that enables security teams to investigate, collaborate, and analyze data from any source, on-demand, all with unlimited data collection and retention. Ingest everything. Investigate anything.

You can use Gravwell to:

Gravwell-SC18-Dynamic dashboard@2x
Developed dynamic dashboards to monitor activity as events unfold
Gravwell-SC18-Automate analysis@2x
Expedite investigations and automate analysis
Gravwell-SC18-Real time protection@2x
Protect against real-time attacks against data and assets
Gravwell-SC18-Ingest data@2x
Ingest massive amounts of data without issue and without limits
Learn more about Gravwell’s threat hunting capabilities and talk to one of our data analytics experts to learn how Gravwell can enhance your own analytics and cyber security practices.