Case Study

Switching from Splunk to Gravwell in 1-2-3

The Situation:

A veteran Splunk user turns to Gravwell to see how easy it is for a Splunk expert to make the switch and get comfortable using Gravwell.
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The Challenge:

Switch from Splunk to Gravwell to get more affordable data analytics without disrupting existing workflows

Those new to Gravwell often ask about how easy it is to switch from Splunk and deploy the Gravwell platform. Learn the differences between working in Splunk and Gravwell and discover how fast and straightforward it is for Splunk experts to integrate and transition workflows into the Gravwell platform.

Key Objectives:

  • Reduce future cost and save money between 30-50%
  • Support raw PCAP and network analysis as well as Splunk
  • Address anomalies, firewall activity and software inventory
  • Easily deploy and adapt to the Gravwell solution and platform

The Results:

Transitioning to Gravwell from Splunk is simple, fast, and efficient. Gravwell spins up in minutes and reduces your future cost by up to half compared to Splunk. Gravwell seamlessly integrates into existing workflows and is easily configured to address any data problem. Download the case study to see how straightforward it is for Splunk users to make the switch and leverage Gravwell’s data without limits to better see and defend enterprise networks.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“Gravwell has become the single solution for solving many of our web-based attacks. We have total visibility across everything from ecommerce anomalies to our network firewall activity. Having worked in Splunk for years, Gravwell could not be easier to adapt to.”

- Expert Splunk User
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