The only truly unlimited
data fusion platform

The Gravwell platform makes fusing massive data fast, simple, and unlimited, so good security teams can be even better. Find out what you can do with Gravwell.

Deeper Features.
Better Outcomes.

With Gravwell, users can ground themselves in full data truth so they can advance their mission without limits. Get to the bottom of your data faster so you can take action faster.
Gravwell-Technology-Unlimited Data
Unlimited Data Ingestion
Collect it all
Gravwell-Technology-Automated Data Replication
Automated Data Replication
Store it all
Gravwell-Technology-Unlimited Environments
Unlimited Environments
Host it all
Gravwell-Technology-Intelligent Automation
Intelligent Automation
Handle it all
Gravwell-Technology-Unlimited Data Retention
Unlimited Data Retention
Log it all
Gravwell-Technology-High Availability
High Availability
Access it all
Gravwell-Technology-Unlimited Endpoints
Unlimited Endpoints
Inspect it all
Gravwell-Technology-Expert Customer Support
Expert Customer Support
Support it all

How You’ll Benefit

For many security practitioners, turning insight into impact can feel more like a burden than a breakthrough. At Gravwell, we flip the script by delivering truly unlimited data, real-time observability and security automation at enterprise scale, all in one intuitive platform. Discover how you can benefit.
Crunch Massive Amount of Data
  • Ingest everything 
  • Search petabytes of data in seconds 
  • Get access to the information you need, whether it happened ten seconds ago or ten years ago
  • Our largest deployment analyzes well over 100TB/day
Observability at Light Speed
  • See the full picture of your data 
  • Discover insight in real-time with live dashboards 
  • Don’t just look at your data, play with it without worrying about breaking anything
Meaningful Threat Hunting
  • Experience threat hunting at enterprise scale
  • Threat hunt across logs and network data together with unparalleled visibility
  • Gain unprecedented ability to search through unstructured events
Gravwell-Technology-Crunch Massive Amount
Gravwell-Technology-Meaningful Threat Hunting

Why Gravwell



Gravwell encourages your data to grow as your objectives grow, with massive scalability at a cost that doesn’t break your budget


Gravwell delivers light-speed observability, empowering you with the full picture so you don’t just see your data, but truly understand it


Gravwell is built on the idea that your data means your data — move it, poke it, interrogate it, celebrate its birthday


Gravwell ingests everything. That means you can search petabytes of data in seconds (including search and fusion of binary data) and get access to the information you need, when you need it



Deploy Gravwell instantly and configure in minutes, so you can get what you need done and still have time to stop and smell the flowers



Gravwell enables organizations to realize untapped insight, acting as a platform force multiplier and network security hardener



Gravwell’s Data Source Integration kits can be installed in minutes, acting as a game changer for organizations that want to monitor or secure their infrastructure without the added hassle

Gravwell Kits

Explore our ready-to-install packages that help you achieve your unique mission objectives faster and more effectively than ever. From Zeek to Grok to CoreDNS, there’s a kit that can support your specific goals. Find out how you can start benefiting within minutes.
Gravwell-Technology-Gravwell Kits Dashboard
Gravwell-Technology-See the platform

See the

Gravwell-Technology-Play with the platform

Play with
the platform.

Gravwell-Technology-Discuss the platform

the platform.


Gravwell in Action