Unlimited Data Ingestion

We love all-you-can-ingest. All paid Gravwell licenses allow for ingesting as much data as you need.

Unlimited Data Retention

How good are analytics if you can't go back in time without spending an arm and a leg? At Gravwell, we don't think you should be punished for best practices.

Unlimited Ingester Endpoints

Our simple pricing model puts the control in your hands. Complete analytics coverage doesn't have to bust your budget.

Automated Operations

Our powerful automation system is demonstrated to combat the cybersecurity personnel shortage and enable your people to free up time spent on mundane activities. Automate reports, data enrichment, or even take security actions.

Data Replication

Sometimes hardware fails and systems go down. Gravwell replication gives you peace of mind to know that your data is safe whenever you need it.

Region-aware Redundancy

Gravwell high availability adds fault tolerance to your cluster so downtime doesn't kill your investigations or hamper your business analytics.


Flexible Access Controls

Gravwell was built with security in mind from day-0 and not as an afterthought. Use simple access controls or take fine-grained control over who sees what and when to avoid data leakage or the mosaic effect.

Massive Scalability

Gravwell was built to scale for a world where everything creates data. Our largest deployment analyzes well over 100TB/day.

Binary data support

Gravwell was built to handle more than text logs. Our powerful technology can ingest and analyze any data source whether it comes from a database or a dishwasher. Machines aren't limited to speaking human languages; neither is Gravwell.

Secure and Performant

Gravwell is developed and maintained by engineers steeped in security and obsessed with high performance. Our storage and query technologies are built from the ground up to take advantage of modern systems using modern paradigms. Our ingest platform is open-sourced and liberally-licensed so that our public code can be safely integrated into external products.

Live Dashboards

Stunning charts and displays are updated live so you can stay abreast of those key metrics that matter to you. You can even display those dashboards full screen for your operations room.

Ease of Maintenance and Configuration

Gravwell is an "ingest first and ask questions later" platform so you never worry about weird input anomalies causing issues. Configurable maintenance like data retention and automatic age-out keep things running smoothly.

Great Support

We take great pride in our unparalleled service. Gravwell customers talk to actual humans who know our software inside and out.

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