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The Mission:

A large Southeastern U.S. utility turns to Gravwell to unify data across operational units, reduce costs, and improve security monitoring, compliance, and efficiency.
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The Challenge:

Improve data integrity while maintaining ownership and control.

Operating a utility presents an immense operational challenge. Disjointed legacy systems from acquisitions, enormous customer data stores and dispersed operations only add to the complexity. With the help of the Gravwell platform, this large utility company based in the southeastern U.S. was able to overcome their limits and bring all their data together from distributed operational units for analysis and compliance - while maintaining total ownership of their data.

Key Objectives:

  • Save money and reduce future costs by nearly ⅓
  • Retain control and total management of data
  • Unlimited collection and retention of data
  • Enterprise-scale threat hunting

The Results:

Read the case study to get the full story of how Gravwell was able to reduce future costs by over 30% for the utility, improve operations, simplify their architecture, and deliver lightning-fast ROI with a ridiculously easy self-managed rollout. Download the case study for yourself and learn how you can leverage Gravwell to improve your own data security and compliance.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“Gravwell has become the single solution for solving many of our data challenges – even the ones we’d almost given up on. They’re a partner, not just a vendor.”

- Security Architect, Large Southeastern U.S. Utility
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