Transform your Log Centralization strategy within complex hybrid cloud ecosystems

A singular public cloud provider or a multi-cloud enterprise environment, Gravwell works well with any cloud or container deployment.

Tue, June 21, 2022 at 1:00 PM ET / 17:00 UTC

What Will You Learn:

  • Multi-Cloud Logging for AWS, GCP, Azure
  • Kubernetes and Container Logging
  • Prevent your cloud environment from sending data from one provider to another when there is no need, therefore helping with corporate data sovereignty through a federated architecture
  • Steps to preserve the original format to avoid normalization and data loss allowing for more accurate route cause analysis
  • Tricks and trips of using Gravwell from a Power User

Your Host:

Corey Thuen

Corey Thuen is a founder of Gravwell and has spent over a decade in ICS (OT), IT, and IoT security. That experience is now driving development of a full-stack analytics platform built to solve modern analytics problems of the IoT age.

Prior to founding Gravwell, Corey conducted security assessments on anything from power equipment to vehicle computers to over-engineered juicers while working for companies such as IOActive, Digital Bond, and Southfork Security. Before that Corey did cybersecurity work for the US Department of Energy at Idaho National Laboratory and the FBI.

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