As resident new guy at Gravwell something struck me right away. So many barriers to entry are removed by good software:  ease of install, straightforward data ingest configuration, powerful UI. First in the series of quick HOWTOs, I present to you installing Gravwell


Part 1:  Installing Gravwell

(Don't Blink, it's Quick)

You can follow along at!quickstart/ where this entire process and more is thoroughly documented. I've started with some basic default installs of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and CentOS 7 in a virtual environment.  

I love for these kinds of HOWTOs, you can copy out of the player direct or from our quickstart guide.

CentOS 7 Install [Start to Finish]

The process is simple and breaks down into the following steps:

  1.   Add your repositories - This varies on base OS
  2.   Update your repos
  3.   apt install / yum install gravwell
  4.   Browse to the IP address, enter license, change password

And that's really it. Gravwell is ready for your data and to empower you on your analytical journey. It's as easy as signing up for a trial and giving it a try. 

To drive the point home here is a video of the entire process. Start to finish, under 2 minutes (and that's with package download time!)

Thanks for watching!  In Part 2 we'll setup some ingesters and talk architecture.

If you ever need help or want to talk use cases click the button below:

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Until next time!