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What's in a Sysmon Event Pt. 2 - Network Connections

We're building a Gravwell Kit for Sysmon! This blog series examines some of the event types that Sysmon generates to see what data they contain, opportunities for enhancing security, and example...

What's in a Sysmon Event Pt. 1 - Process creation

I'm building a Gravwell Kit for Sysmon! This blog series follows the development of that kit for the awesome (free) sensor for Windows EDR, Sysmon. In this series we'll look at each event type that...

A personal short story about broken pricing models

This personal story I'm about to tell highlights one of the most important differentiators between Gravwell vs Splunk -- a non-abusive pricing model. Data rates aren't always predictable….

Windows DNS threat hunting with Sysmon and Gravwell

This month has been a big deal for IT logging of windows endpoints. Sysmon v10 was released last Tuesday and it includes the major changes of DNS logging and OriginalFileName reporting for Windows...

Monitoring Vehicle CANBus Activity with Gravwell

Before founding Gravwell, I was doing quite a bit of vehicle cybersecurity. Lately I haven't had much opportunity for that kind of fun -- turns out founding a company is time consuming work. Today is...

Super Computing 2018 After Action - a case study in threat hunting

For the 2018 Super Computing Conference (SC18, held in Dallas, TX), Gravwell provided our analytics platform to the Network Security team. These brave souls were responsible for cyber security on a...

Announcing Gravwell Version 3

Huge Gravwell updates today! Thanks for your patience during this short period of radio silence, but it’s been for good reason. Today we’re happy to announce Gravwell version 3 which comes with a...

Fighting Unpredictable Analytics Costs With All-You-Can-Ingest Pricing

One of the biggest complaints that’s heard across the industry is that of cost. “Too expensive” or “untenable pricing scale” are things we have been hearing from colleagues at conferences and on...

Gravwell in the ICS Village and announcing Nozomi Integration

We're excited to join with Nozomi Networks in announcing our integration partnership which was piloted in the ICS Village at the RSA Sandbox in San Francisco earlier this year. Attendees at RSA were...

Gravwell Release Update: Version 2 Lands

This week marks the release of a Gravwell version 2. It’s been a journey with plenty of long days and nights but we’re really excited about the new capabilities. We’ll be publishing a series of blog...
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