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[from ars TECHNICA] Net neutrality is bad? 1 million PornHub employees can’t be wrong. Oh, wait

Millions of comments sent to FCC through bulk system used fake email addresses.

[from BBC] Net neutrality debate 'controlled by bots'

More than 80% of the comments submitted to a US regulator on the future of net neutrality came from bots, according to researchers.

[from boingboing] Analysis of 22 million FCC comments show that humans love Net Neutrality and bots really, really hate it

Data analysis company Gravwell ingested 22,000,000 comments sent to the FCC's docket on Net Neutrality and posted their preliminary findings, which are that the majority of comments came from bots,...

[from VICE] More Than 80% Of All Net Neutrality Comments Were Sent By Bots, Researchers Say

95 percent of all organic comments favored net neutrality, according to the analysis.
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