Distributed Webserver Frontends in Gravwell

Apr 19, 2018 8:06:36 AM / by John Floren posted in Software Updates, docker, cluster

With the release of Gravwell 2.0, Gravwell customers can now deploy multiple webservers tied to a central storage system. This means you can deploy multiple webservers behind a load balancer for better search performance; the webservers synchronize resources, user accounts, dashboards, and search history behind the scenes so users don’t need to worry about which server they’re actually using.

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Gravwell And Docker Deployment

Apr 5, 2018 3:50:03 PM / by Kris Watts posted in DevOps Analytics, ingester, Logging, automation, docker, cluster

Update (1/24/2019)

This post is mostly about building your own docker images. If you're interested in getting up and running fast using Gravwell+Docker, head over to our docs that cover our pre-built images:!configuration/


For this blog post we are going to go over the deployment of a distributed Docker-based Gravwell cluster. We will use Docker and a few manageability features to very quickly build and deploy a cluster of Gravwell indexers. By the end of the post we will have deployed a 6 node Gravwell cluster, a load balancing federator, and a couple ingesters. Also, the six node “cluster” is also going to absolutely SCREAM, collecting over 4 million entries per second on a single Ryzen 1700 CPU. You read that right, we are going to crush the ingest rate of every other unstructured data analytics solution available on a single $250 CPU.  Lets get started.

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