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Top 5 Questions to Ask when Considering Log Management Solutions

Compare Scalability, Cost, and Performance There have been no shortage of self-proclaimed "Splunk Killers" and log analytics products throughout the years as hype and buzzwords get thrown about like...

Gravwell 3.3.0 - Overwatch Release

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of Gravwell version 3.3.0. This release being a Minor release features a few fairly significant features and a whole heap of bug fixes and...

Version 3.2.3 - Performance Improvements

We proud to announce the immediate availability of Gravwell version 3.2.3. This release is all about performance and bug fixes, but we did manage to slip in a new Kafka ingester.

Version 3.2.2! Do you grok it?

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Gravwell version 3.2.2! This one got away from us a bit and probably should be a major release, there is just too much good stuff in here. I...

Monitoring infrastructure metrics with Gravwell and Collectd

To celebrate the release of the Gravwell Community Edition we are also releasing a standalone collectd ingester. Collectd is an excellent tool for monitoring the health of hardware, systems, and...

Gravwell And Docker Deployment

Update (1/24/2019) This post is mostly about building your own docker images. If you're interested in getting up and running fast using Gravwell+Docker, head over to our docs that cover our pre-built...

We're thankful for big data analytics

It’s Thanksgiving Weekend in America and that means most people have acknowledged the blessings in their lives and are gearing up for something America does better than anyone: consumerism. I had a...

Discovering truth through lies on the internet - FCC comments analyzed

For this post, the Gravwell analytics team ingested all 22 million+ comments submitted to the FCC over the net neutrality issue. Using Gravwell we were able to rapidly conduct a variety of analysis...

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