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Did that BIOS Update Do Anything?

I had been having some trouble with stability on my desktop system for a while: browser tabs crashing, random segfaults, occasionally the entire system would lock up. It's an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X...

The Sky is no longer the limit. Gravwell blasts off into space.

As a Gravwell founder, it has been absolutely incredible to watch a growing team take a product that I started in a basement with my college buddy and create a powerhouse startup serving large...

How to move to Gravwell from Splunk (or another platform)

As applications generate more data, as we adopt more IoT, and as more things move to cloud, log volumes explode. Traditional log management solutions have trouble keeping up and cause major budgeting...

Introducing the Key-Value Search Module

With Gravwell 3.2.4 we've introduced a new search module: kv, short for 'key-value'. This module is designed to help you extract key-value data from text entries without having to hand-craft regular...

A personal short story about broken pricing models

This personal story I'm about to tell highlights one of the most important differentiators between Gravwell vs Splunk -- a non-abusive pricing model. Data rates aren't always predictable….

Fighting Unpredictable Analytics Costs With All-You-Can-Ingest Pricing

One of the biggest complaints that’s heard across the industry is that of cost. “Too expensive” or “untenable pricing scale” are things we have been hearing from colleagues at conferences and on...

Gravwell Community Edition

Back when we released the first version of Gravwell we immediately began sharing with friends and colleagues. Those initial testers primarily used Gravwell to monitor their home networks. They found...

Gravwell Release Update: Version 2 Lands

This week marks the release of a Gravwell version 2. It’s been a journey with plenty of long days and nights but we’re really excited about the new capabilities. We’ll be publishing a series of blog...

Gravwell Goes to Washington

Shmoocon, an InfoSec conference held annually by The Shmoo Group since 2005, is held early each year in Washington, D.C. ShmooCon is a purposely smaller conference, focused on bringing original...
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