What the HEC - Gravwell HTTP Ingester Supports Splunk Compatibility

Apr 15, 2021 8:52:09 AM / by Corey Thuen posted in ingester

The Gravwell HTTP ingester now supports a default config block that's compatible with Splunk HEC ingester defaults. To show this in action, we will use an awesome attacker simulation tool, Scythe and our old pal Sysmon and also tease upcoming purple team content.

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IPMI and Gravwell Part 1: Building an IPMI Ingester

Apr 8, 2021 11:45:13 AM / by Fritz posted in ingester, HOWTO, IPMI

(This post is part one of a two-part technology series around building and using an IPMI ingester and kit. Part two coming soon.)

In many data aggregation and analysis tools, the ecosystem is fully closed source, and often even data ingest protocols are proprietary. This means that if you want to ingest a novel data format of your own, you’re either, a) $%*! out of luck, or b) forced to collapse your data into some form of low performance, textual, line-delimited data that a generic log ingester will work with.

At Gravwell HQ, we take a different approach. All of our ingesters are open source and freely available under a BSD license, and our ingest framework is open and available as a Go library. In this post, we’ll be taking a tour of how we wrote a real and officially supported Gravwell ingester: the new Gravwell IPMI Ingester. We’ll cover how we manage configuration files, set up and manage indexer connections, and transform IPMI data into a flexible JSON schema before sending it out.

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4.1.0 Feature Spotlight: Upload Data from the Gravwell UI

Jan 12, 2021 8:54:36 AM / by John Floren posted in Software Updates, ingester, pcap

Sometimes, you just need to get data into Gravwell without setting up any ingesters--maybe you want to analyze a collection of log files somebody emailed you, or maybe you've got a pcap file from Wireshark. We've had command-line tools for this for years, but with Gravwell 4.1.0 we're pleased to announce a new feature: a flexible and easy-to-use interface for ingesting data inside the web interface! This UI lets you drag-and-drop line-delimited logs, packet capture files, or entries downloaded from a Gravwell query; Gravwell will figure out what you gave it and parse it appropriately.

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Gravwell Weather Data Kit - Look Ma, No Ingester!

Aug 3, 2020 2:48:20 PM / by John Floren posted in ingester, HOWTO, first time, kits

Maybe you've just signed up for Gravwell Community Edition and are not quite sure where to start. There are a lot of features in Gravwell, and a lot of different ingesters for pulling in data. Gravwell 4.0 includes a kit that can collect data without any external ingester--and it helps you analyze everyone's favorite topic, the weather!

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Getting Data Into Gravwell

Jul 14, 2020 9:05:00 AM / by Ron Fabela posted in ingester, HOWTO, setup, netflow, pcap

In our continuing series of HOWTOs, today we are getting some data into our Gravwell instance setup in Getting Gravwell Installed in 2 Minutes

As with install, setting up your data ingesters is quick and easy. 

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Gravwell Ingester Preprocessors

Mar 30, 2020 10:05:08 AM / by John Floren posted in ingester

Gravwell's ingesters can pull data from a wide variety of sources and we advocate keeping raw data formats for root cause analysis, but sometimes it's nice to massage the data a little before sending it to the indexers. Maybe you're getting JSON data sent over syslog and would like to strip out the syslog headers. Maybe you're getting gzip-compressed data from an Apache Kafka stream. Maybe you'd like to be able to route entries to different tags based on the contents of the entries. Gravwell's ingest preprocessors make this possible by inserting one or more processing steps before an entry is sent upstream to the indexer.

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Version 3.2.3 - Performance Improvements

Sep 25, 2019 11:18:26 AM / by Kris Watts posted in DevOps Analytics, ingester, Events, Logging

We proud to announce the immediate availability of Gravwell version 3.2.3. This release is all about performance and bug fixes, but we did manage to slip in a new Kafka ingester.

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Benchmarking Gravwell's Hybrid Indexing

May 22, 2019 10:06:25 AM / by Kris Watts posted in ingester

We've had some benchmarking requests from multiple organizations struggling with ingest performance from Elasticsearch, so we're publishing them here. The latest Gravwell release marks a significant improvement in ingest and indexing performance and this post covers the nitty gritty details. Better ingest performance means reduced infrastructure cost, less dropped data, and faster time-to-value. See how Gravwell stacks up.

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Fighting social media propaganda

Feb 19, 2019 9:55:00 AM / by John Floren posted in Software Updates, ingester, reddit

We're continuing to work with investigative reporters to research unscrupulous activity on social media. Most recently, Engadget published a piece on nefarious political influencers on Reddit. We’ve written in the past about analyzing social media comments, but didn’t make the ingesters publicly available. With an increasing need for research in this area, we decided that releasing our Reddit and Hacker News ingesters could help new users get started with Gravwell even faster, so we open-sourced them. Read on to learn how to get the ingesters, how to run them, and how to get started with the data.

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Announcing the new Gravwell HTTP Ingester

Feb 7, 2019 11:22:19 AM / by John Floren posted in Gravwell Story, ingester, Community Edition

Gravwell recently introduced a new ingester which accepts entries via HTTP POST requests. Now it's easy to send arbitrary data to Gravwell via scripts using only the curl command. In this blog post, we'll use the HTTP ingester to build a weather-monitoring dashboard!

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