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Top 5 Questions to Ask when Considering Log Management Solutions

Compare Scalability, Cost, and Performance There have been no shortage of self-proclaimed "Splunk Killers" and log analytics products throughout the years as hype and buzzwords get thrown about like...

Monitoring Vehicle CANBus Activity with Gravwell

Before founding Gravwell, I was doing quite a bit of vehicle cybersecurity. Lately I haven't had much opportunity for that kind of fun -- turns out founding a company is time consuming work. Today is...

Gravwell in the ICS Village and announcing Nozomi Integration

We're excited to join with Nozomi Networks in announcing our integration partnership which was piloted in the ICS Village at the RSA Sandbox in San Francisco earlier this year. Attendees at RSA were...

OT Security Analytics - Finding the ground truth

In this post, we take a look at analyzing Industrial Control System data to detect unauthorized manipulation of relays in a process.

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