Download Case Study: Bridging the OT and IT Gap

Gravwell-Case Study-Bridging the OI and IT Gap

For senior managers, directors, and CISOs the challenge being faced is a simple one, how do you equip your team with the ability to gain complete and total observability over your systems. 

But, you must balance the need for observability with the cost of ingesting all of your data and the risk of being able to identify a breach or an attack should it occur. 

The truth is, if you do not have complete visibility there are parts of your system where you are blind and no investment in your team or monitor technology will change that.

Ask yourself - If my team needed to retroactively find threat actors, does your team have the observability they need?

With Gravwell you don't have to choose between lack of visibility and not being able to scale because of cost or data limitations. 

Gravwell allows you to ingest anything with a pricing model to enable complete observability. 

This case study covers how Gravwell helped a cybersecurity team at a large US chemical manufacturer to gain complete observability into plant operations. 

With complete observability, the team -

  • Reduced the risk of proprietary formula loss, 
  • Reduced response time to system and network issues, 
  • Shifted from "alert overload" to "more data please". 

Gravwell was quick to stand up and provided immediate ROI that grew with each step forward with Gravwell.